Let me introduce myself! My name is Lee Bonnett and I live in Rawlins, Wyoming. I have been married to my wife Peggy for over and we have two children. I worked as a brakeman and conductor on the Union Pacific railroad for almost 20 years, taking a buy-off in 1993. I then worked for a short period of time as a transcriptionist at the local hospital. In March of 1994, I took a job offered to me by the Carbon County Clerk to work in the land office. I worked there until August of 2000 when I transferred to the Clerk of District Court's office. I enjoyed this job a great deal and retired from it with over 20 years working for the County

I named my woodworking business 'Sawdust Unlimited' many years ago since there was always sawdust laying around. I also refer to my shop as Papa's Work Shop because my grandkids (who I adore) have always called me Papa and it just feels good. We have two grandsons (Kellen and Kooper), a granddaughter (Kayla) and a great-grandson (Kyler) who are our treasures!

Kelly is our son and he was born in 1975 which makes him old now. He is married and has two sons, Kellen who is old and Kooper who is old. They live in Casper, Wyoming so we have lots of chances to spend time with them. Kelly is an appraisal trainee and Jen is a 3rd grade teacher.

LeAnn is our daughter and she was born in 1979 which makes her old now. She is married and has one daughter, Kayla who turned old in September. Kayla has a son name Kyler (our great-grandson) who is old. They live here in Rawlins and we love spending time with them. LeAnn works as a clerical worker for the Child Development Center and Kayla is a server at Bucks, a popular restaurant in downtown Rawlins.

I have done woodworking since I was about 12 years old. My Grandfather initially introduced me to this hobby since I showed an interest and he enjoyed and was skilled at the endeavor. I learned how to safely and effectively use all kinds of power tools even though he did not have a large collection of these tools. He preferred an old school approach to woodworking where much of the work was done by hand with hand tools. From that point forward, I was hooked and once I got married and was making money on my own, I started developing a collection of power tools. Although I appreciate the skill of working with hand tools, for me the projects worked better when precision power tools were incorporated. I did a lot of woodworking when my children were little but slowly other activites took over as they got more involved in sports, school, etc. I had done very little woodworking for the past 20 years and when retirement came along, I decided that this hobby would be my hedge against boredom. I retired in September of 2014 and have been involved in woodworking ever since. I have sold through many venues so far and am still I am still deciding where I will concentrate my efforts. I have sold locally via several groups on Facebook, via e-bay, have posted on Craigs list and I created a shop on Etsy. I have had a shop on Etsy for and have sold many items via this resource and have my items exposed to thousands of potential customers.

I purchased a Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail motorcycle in 2007 which rekindled a passion I have had all my life. I have ridden dirt bikes most of my life and although I wanted a Harley, never felt I could do that financially until that time. At this point, I wish I had done so many years earlier. Riding has become a true passion for my wife and I and we ride whenever we can. We have put over 55,000 miles on the bike in the we have owned it and I don't intend to slack off any time soon.

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